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Game -Guess something about the next person
yep, why not

the next person is bigfoot

I have small feet for my height, thank you very much.
5'9" and I wear size 6 mens.

the next poster has an itch. and it's annoying because it won't go away.
like a kerosene fire in a tobacco shed

The next poster likes onions.
well my sunburns buggin me, how did you know!

the next poster will be Qui again.

The next poster will now be Qui
you know, if you all say that, eventually it'll be true.

the next poster will be tomorrow's highest poster.
like a kerosene fire in a tobacco shed

the next poster just farted

nope but i did burp awhile ago

the next poster will be a girl

Big Grin

the next person likes Hurt (the band)
never heard them. Unless I did and forgot. which is more likely. So... I might like them?

The next poster idolizes Amy Lee.
like a kerosene fire in a tobacco shed

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