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Game - Spread a rumor about the person above
EveWasFramed Wrote:...Incognita is a closet cat-hater :p

geez...not a hater. I think they are cute but brrrr they spread deseases.

Minus Wrote:Eve took off with my cat to go visit Elvis then made a story about Loketron eating it because she didn't want to admit the cat was actually an alien in disguise who abducted Elvis and took him back to the alien planet which is full of 7-Eleven stores in need of customers.

Minus smokes weed and then tells us crazy stories

Incognita gives minus funny cigarettes.
Well, actually, to tell you the truth, but don't tell her cause she's gonna kill me, but its Eve, who smuggles these funny cigarettes here.

Incognita Wrote:Well, actually, to tell you the truth, but don't tell her cause she's gonna kill me, but its Eve, who smuggles these funny cigarettes here.

I wasn't Eve, but her evil twin. She was framed, I tell ya! It wasn't Eve that made off with the cat. It was Incognita, disguised as Eve!
And it wasnt the cat that was the alien, it was Loketron. He is from the planet Lokator. And those 7-Eleven stores, that Elvis runs, are really just a front where Incognita gets those funny cigarettes she peddles.
ok ok , it's me. I peddle them so what. you all like them.

Damn, who do i pick to badmouth next

oh, Loketron.

Loketron, stole a pack of condoms from the corner store yesterday.

yeah? I bet you didn't know that he stole them to give to Minus's cat! The cat was paying him crack money for them.
like a kerosene fire in a tobacco shed
Qui did 9/11 and blamed it on the jews.
... and felt good about it!
CombatMal is blaming 9/11 on Qui in an attempt to get her out of the way so he can take over the crack market from Qui and the cat she has dealing for her.
hey, Minus it's u again?

It turns out that Loketron stole a pack of flavored and colored condoms. And when he fell asleep last night u sneaked in his room and stole all the pink condoms with strawberry flavors.

And I know you're gonna blame me now for peddlening condoms around...


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