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The feeling of sometimes just being misunderstood....
I think it's something that all of us can experience to a certain degree in our lives, but sometimes it would be great to meet that one illusive person who will listen to you without judgement. I met up with a guy I'm friends with today, though I wouldn't say we are all that close. I spoke about my post traumatic stress disorder and he pretty much said it was all my own doing which was difficult to hear because I doubt anyone causes something like post traumatic stress disorder. Perhaps sometimes it can be a case of opening up to the wrong person, but nevertheless it's hard....
I find often that what is being communicated can be interpreted multiple ways especially in written form
Without face to face ... tone and body language even a persons eye contact IMO tell you a lot

Only we can give a person the ability to pass judgement on us
I recently had a situation where I was embarrassed that a stranger to me knew my bussieness
I then found out they were in a similar situation
Yes BadGuy that's a very good point. I think often body language can count for a lot when being in conversation with someone aswell and sometimes it can be just difficult for some people to know where the other person is coming from
I think also most people are not good dealing with serious life issues or situations
Some run ... some shut down ... some panic ... some deal with it and then melt down later .....
I am a guy that jumps in and then wonders if I couldnt have done something better later
Me and my friend have an understanding of each other, because we suffer similar problems.

Other than that it's nearly impossible for people to understand me. I think many people feel the same and keep things to themselves instead.
Yes I think I too can jump in and wonder if I could have done something better when I'm speaking to someone. Yes LonesomeLoner, I think some people find it easier to keep things to themselves, I'm at a point where I think the same especially when someone can't seem to understand
I keep things to myself when it comes to family, it's easier that way. Sometimes I have tried to explain but I know they don't understand. They have never been through what I have.
I have a few friends that I can tell anything to and there won't be any judgment at all. Granted, if I'm wrong they WILL tell me in a heartbeat, but I prefer it that way because I may not always see things with an objective eye the way they can, with not being in whatever situation it is.
That said, I'm not sure where I would be in my life if I didn't have them. Probably a lot worse off than I am now.
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You can't blame people, they can only interpret a situation on the information they have. Mental disorders are complicated affairs.

I found my time with a pheraptis worth more than all the conversations I had with friends and family because friends and family approach the situation you give them too rationally which isn't useful when you are being irrational.
I often have the experience of telling a story and leaving out particular facts for brevity and then having someone attack me on all those issues. Where, I just presume, they would presume. reading the story, that I had tried those things. Sometimes I feel like I have to back up and slow down and explain things for people -- but --it seems they should have understood those things in the first place.

I often feel that they did, but they are so gosh darn obsessed with "being smarter" or better they have to pretend they didn't and show you what they know or how smart they are for pointing out issues with your story.

They just stubbornly don't want to understand you for their own purposes.

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