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Mobile phone got wet.
I am unsure whether this forum is just for computer problems but hopefully it isn't. Last week at the Asperger's support group someone knocked over a full glass of beer and some of it went on the table where my mobile phone was. My phone was on at the time but it seemed ok and it stayed on till I switched it off yesterday. When I tried to switch it on today, it won't come on. I have tried recharging it but to no avail. I don't understand why it didn't seem to have a problem till I switched it off and then tried to switch it back on? Has anyone ever had a similar problem and if so, how was it resolved?
It may not work, but I would remove the cover, take the battery out and leave it open. I've read that running a hair dryer all around it, for several minutes, has worked for some. Or let it sit in front a fan for a while. You need to get out all of the moisture that is locked inside.

Some will say put in a bag of rice, but I've read about tests done, online, and the rice thing didn't work so well. Hope you figure out something that will work. Good luck.
Thank you for your reply and helpful suggestions. I called at a phone shop last night and the man suggested the rice thing, but it sounds a bit odd, to be honest. He took the back off the phone and there was some moisture on the battery. I will try the hair dryer solution which you have suggested.
I accidentally dropped my phone in a mud puddle before, took it apart to let it dry on the heat from the truck and it still sort of worked after. Eventually it had issues, dropping calls, shutting off, not always turning on. To solve the problem I had to get a new phone. With liquids that are sticky like beer, pop, juices, that is pretty much the end. The things beautiful loser mentioned aren't a permanent fix if they work, you'll still end up having problems and will need to replace the phone.
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Thank you for the advice. I do have a second phone and will have to switch to that. I had just put credit on the wet phone so will lose this and at present I can't afford to put credit on my new phone. They are with different networks so I can't transfer it.
Don't apply heat, you can do more damage than good.

In my experience, rice does work, but if you can get those moisture absorbing silica sachets they will do much better. Make sure the battery is out. Leave it in there for days if you can. Do not place it screen up in the sun or use a strong heat source.

If you have the tech know-how or someone else can do it for you, pull it apart and wipe everything over with alcohol wipes. Set it aside for 30m before putting it back together. Don't wipe the surface of the screen with alcohol, it will damage some types of screens. (Most are fine)

I always say to never trust a device that has been decently wet. It will likely die sometime soon. Get it backed up and replaced while it is still functional.
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