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Long Distance Ex Talking to me again... Arguments, Laughter, Frustration.
No, I just meant the forum seemed like a place for people to meet and share ideas and advice, yes. And it had helped me do so greatly. Lol. Sorry. I was in a bit of a downward spiral earlier. However, the advice to find an offline relationship may very well -be- a valid one. But you must've completely missed me saying I've tried that, and failed. Not once or twice. A couple handfuls of times. And I'm not just this ugly guy or anything, not by my own standards. Women tell me I'm handsome. But I just don't find myself entering conversation that would lead to anything deeper. The majority of women I know are either dating someone or seriously against even getting into a relationship. So I'm trying this as best as I can with her. I understand, it's my surroundings. Because obviously, there are people interested in what I have. They just so happen to be further away. And my place in life right now doesn't exactly allow me to uproot and just go find a new home and meet new people. Or I would. I've lived in the same place for 21 years. If I don't know the girl, she's definitely too young for me to even talk too.
I didn't miss that part of what you said. I just don't think that finding an online relationship is the solution. I think it would just end up giving you a lot of heartache and eventually you would wish you had that time back. That's just based on my experiences, nothing more.
(02-15-2016, 02:31 PM)Naizo Wrote: I've tried looking for an offline relationship. I tend to get the "If we hang out, it's just as friends." Line. But thank you for letting me know I'm wasting my time by trying to meet people online. ^.^ Kinda defeats the purpose of this entire forum.

maybe try that approach and see then if something beyond can develope
*Sigh* I appreciate you guys, I do. Thank you for your advice. It is good advice, and I will admit that, but I never would've started talking to the girl long distance if I hadn't gone through so many "just friends" scenarios. I don't care if they don't mean it as an insult, I would rather be told to hang myself. When I clearly state my interest and I get shot down with that line, I'm more likely to not bother spending time on them at all. Because 9/10 they abuse that attraction of mine to get things from me. So if it's not mutual from the start, I'm not wasting -that- time on a girl in real life. I'm about 50$ short from helping a girl get her dog back from a thief. I did the just friends thing. Months later, nothing. She ate all the chicken in my microwave chinese food, too. Selfish. It wasn't cute. She said she didn't want any, and then ate only the chicken. Fuck her. I don't let people use me. Talk down to me. Or treat me as less than I am. So if I'm not seen as something they want then I'm not going to be an option later. End of that story.
Whether it's online isn't the issue. Been there, done that, would never do it again. But it can work sometimes.

But to me, it seems like a bit of a toxic relationship. She seems insecure. If what you say is true and she acts submissive most of the time, but then lashes out, that's a problem, because she's likely bottling up her feelings and then letting them go. My mom is like that, my ex was a bit like that too. It makes overcoming the issues you have in your relationship near impossible, because the only time you will have a full conversation about them you will be too emotionally charged to take it in.

If you continue this relationship, you need to overcome that problem.
I like younger men.....I can't help it...., But so far they only break my heart. I've recently had to let someone go. A younger "husband" who just needs to grow up in life. Me too and I won't tell you my age....I'm attractive I know to a lot of men....some half my age....only babies. It sounds like this girl is very immature to blow up so easily....probably need to experience life a little or a lot more. There are reasons to get that mad though.....but if you can't even talk because every other words is a reason to get mad then that will cause problems. Look around....take your time. Your only 21 and most marriages don't work out these days. You need someone compatible and it doesn't sound like she is.
Related to Indiana Jones? Digging in the past and all. Ha! ha!
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