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Adding pics in thread?
Is it me or the forum? I have tried a few times today to add a new picture to the Last Movie You Saw Thread and I can't see any icons for adding at all, when I have chosen new reply.
It's the forum. Certain functions have been disabled with the update including the tagging buttons for images, videos etc. They still work though if you type them out. You can read it up here: CLICK!
Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I go...
[Image: d8mV4rP.gif]
[Image: epic-mickey1.jpg]

How to do it?


EDIT: Goddamn Ninjas. ._.
(03-07-2016, 07:06 AM)gluguy Wrote: EDIT: Goddamn Ninjas. ._.

HA! Finally I got ahead of someone else...

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I go...
[Image: d8mV4rP.gif]
Thanks Rodent Big Grin

Duh maybe if I had read the update thread *facepalm*

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