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Follow the Yellow Brick Road
I wanted to share my experience with my local stage theater company. They did a production of "The Wizard of Oz" and I had been cast in the ensemble as a crow and the leader of the winkie soldiers that the wicked witch sends out to capture Dorothy and her friends. This was my first show with this company since moving here and my first major production in almost five years. It felt really good to get back into doing what I enjoy, and the show was a big success. "Wizard of Oz" is known for its bright colors, quirky characters, and iconic musical numbers. The sets and costumes came in lots of different shades of green, yellow, and brown as well as red, blue, and orange. The characters were played with great energy and humor. Some of my favorites were the trees in the tin man scene (which were real actresses dressed up as trees, not just set pieces) and the munchkins, which was funny because they wore these yellow and blue costumes that made them look like the minions from "Despicable Me". In the tornado scene at the beginning, I was dressed in all black and helped move Dorothy's bed around in a sporadic pattern to make it look like she's flying through the storm as people, animals, and objects pass by. It felt almost like a Disneyland ride. One of my favorite parts that I got to do was my chance to experiment with different voices for my characters such as a high cackly voice for my crow and a low menacing voice for my winkie soldier. We got a full house almost every night and lots of laughs throughout. I also had the chance to meet new potential friends, at least one or two of whom that I hope I will have a lasting connection with.

The show ended yesterday, followed by a cast party at a fancy pizza restaurant. The director was presented with a "Wizard of Oz" poster that was framed and signed by the cast and stage crew. Everyone talked and laughed and reminisced, and had our playbills signed by each other before slowly disappearing from the party to go our separate ways. I think a passion for the performing arts is the best talent a person can have. You spend months of intensive rehearsal time memorizing lines, singing songs, learning dance moves, making costumes, building sets, and putting together this piece of art that tells a story while at the same time developing friendships with people who become like a second family to you. There were days when I didn't feel like going to rehearsals, but in the end it's always worth it when everything makes sense and comes together to be presented to a public audience. And when the curtain closes, having to say goodbye to the people you've bonded with during those months is the hardest part. But for those who truly share my passion, I believe I'll see them again when I embark on my next adventure.
I've never acted, but I play music, and man I know that awesome feeling of letting your voice out to a crowd and having them applaud! it's a natural high no drug could replace! Wizard of Oz is one of my fav movies too! good luck in your theatrical adventures!

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