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What makes a true friend?
Are None....

as long as someone is not put out, the flow is great...once adversity comes through the goes out the window....

been in a jail for a suspended license I did not know...(ticket from another state followed me) and loved one let me rot for the night...

Had a cancer scare and another relationship said it was too much for her...\

be content with yourself, make good memories with others, but make sure you are taken care of $$$ wise because people fold on you when you go broke...
Friendliness makes a person a true friend.
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It's complicated IMO what makes a true friend, but this I do know - you'll be lucky if you find one or two in your lifetime. I think in reality most of society would be part of ALL if the clouded distraction of entertainment was lifted, among other things.
Trust & respect are very important in making a true friendship. If they can't be established or are broken, then there won't be a real friendship there.
(04-02-2016, 02:45 PM)ChocolateMoose Wrote: What's your "definition" of a great/true friend? How can you tell if a friend is a good one? Need some opinions.

Honestly it's hard to tell, I don't know.
[Image: dapulo34998.png]
There are many things what makes a true friend for me but if I would have to say it ''shortly'':

* Accepts you as who you are without trying to change you, you can be yourself without any shame.
* Have a deep bond & connection with, it's more ''effortless'', smooth and natural. (though, there's always few bumps on the road in every friendship sometimes..)
* Love in platonic way like he/she is part of your family.
* You both can cry and laugh together and even after a fight it's all back to normal again.
* When you fall down, they lift you up and vice versa.
* You can call or send a message to him/her at any time. (of course he/she has own life to live but a true friend is always there for you and vice versa)
* You can be ''raw'' and vulnerable with this person, show the real emotions, feelings and thoughts without the fear of getting judged.
* If there's any criticism, it's not because the person hates or dislikes you, but because he/she really cares for your well-being.
* Even after many weeks, months or years (in some rare cases) without seeing/talking each other, when you finally meet it's like the time hasn't changed.

There's some... I could go on and on, lol but better to not make the list too long.
Loyalty = Friendship
If i murdered someone and called an acquintance, they'd bring a police officer.

If i murdered someone and called my friend, they'd bring a shovel.

Friendship is loyalty.
Making good friends nowadays it is very difficult, but I am sure when you make one close to you, you will feel that is a good friend, because care about you, he/she is interested to know questions about you work, family, and health, besides when you need something important he/she will try to help you to get those things. For sure you will feel that you share hobbies intuitively and you will have the same goals as him/her.
A true friend imo is somebody you can call at 3am when you're having a meltdown and they will listen to you as long as you need them to.

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