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What makes a true friend?
(10-16-2016, 06:45 PM)Bubblebeam Wrote: It's complicated IMO what makes a true friend, but this I do know - you'll be lucky if you find one or two in your lifetime. I think in reality most of society would be part of ALL if the clouded distraction of entertainment was lifted, among other things.

This is very interesting... I definitely agree.
To me, a true friend is someone who makes you feel like you matter to them. It's also someone who makes an effort to spend time with you, rather than always prioritizing other friends and other hobbies. It's someone who won't attack you when you express hurt feelings, but who instead supports you and at least tries to understand. It's someone you can feel comfortable talking to about anything, without fear of being judged or mocked.
* * *  If I sound bitter, it's because I am   * * * 
Everything Tuathaniel said.
For me, a friend is a person which has a similiar level of compassion like I have. I do not care about other aspects.
Someone who does not steal money from you and is not a closet paedophile. I gave up on friendship and I am happy with my own company. Although I have many online friends I chat with but would NEVER! want to meet them in real life, even though they might be nice.
People who don't give up on you is the most important to me.

When there's an issue, they don't retreat or worse, run and hide from you, or drop you entirely.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Someone who accepts you for who you are both the good and the bad. I mean let’s be honest no one’s perfect and we all make mistakes, it seems so many of us judge others based on their faults rather than their strengths or desirable qualities. From my experience truly good people like this are rare.
One that walks with me through life, holding my hand, facing everything together with me.
Someone who doesn't flex their superiority over you and accepts you for your short comings.
Many of you have already said what I would say.

Infact, I suspect that I have at some point.
To quote a popular werewolf film - 'Everyone's cursed.  It's called life'

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