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Report function broken?
In case moderators don't know.

Just asking because we have someone posting mostly unintelligible replies faster than anyone can seriously read threads (10+ an hour or more), all with 1-2 links to their website in it.
A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother.
That link is their signature. I am certain many members have their websites in their signature.
Not to mention that there are quite a few here who aren't completely fluent in English, so mistakes are made.

This probably would have been better as a PM, though...just my opinion, of course.
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Much like my signature....
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Yes we know its broken, something screwy happened with the last update. For reporting please PM Minus, VanillaCream or myself for now. Thanks.

People can post links to their sites in their signatures if they like, as long as they are not using it promote something they are selling.

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