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Are You Your Real Self Online or Offline?
I'm in my head more offline. Some questions and insecurities I keep to myself whereas online I don't really care to filter. So I guess online is more me.

Though with really close friends offline I'm about the same as online.
I think I am basically the same on both. But perhaps more real online.
Both. I'm the same in person as I am online, and if I'm not, then I don't notice it. But I'm myself regardless.
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My online self is my true self, mainly because I've always communicated better in what I write than in what I say. I'm a slow thinker, which means I can't crack jokes or make witty remarks when trying to converse with a group of three or more people, who tend to rudely cut me off when I do try to speak. I'm like what Reynard mentioned in that I can't think of the "right thing" to say until later when the conversation has been dropped. People at school and work seem to have enough respect for me even though I'm pretty awkward and keep to myself. I wouldn't want to lose that respect by attempting to verbalize my innermost struggles, desires, and philosophy of life, because more often than not, it comes out differently than what I meant and ends up offending someone as a result. Online, however, I have plenty of time to think about what I want to say in the way I want to say it and be completely satisfied.
All my selves are my real self, since I can't become someone other than myself.
But to answer the question, I think we're all actors in some way, we all behave differently depending on the situation and circumstances, and the people with whom we're interacting. It's not something we can help. But I suppose it's where you feel more at ease and comfortable that matters. I used to feel like I was more genuinely myself online, but now I don't feel that there's a difference or much of one at all between how I am online or off. It depends on the other person or people more than anything else at this point. I comfortable offline and on, but I don't open up much anywhere if I can help it.
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I think i am a little different online than in real life i feel like i come across better in person than online somehow lol.
Yes. What you see is what you get.
I'm probably more open about certain things online. Perhaps more than I should be.
I'm definitely more myself online, I just feel like I express myself better.. However, the more I interact online than usual and whom I interact with, the more likely it spills over offline as I gain more confidence I guess? I don't know. Either way, the point is, I enjoy people being comfortable around me, so I'll sometimes become a goofball in hopes that'll get everyone to lighten up. It works better online than it does offline. Offline you have people questioning why a grown ass man is acting too care free and they think you aren't capable of being serious when the need arises. There's also people who are so bitter that they are cynical of a person who is acting happy or passionate and that there is no way they're legitimate. It's sad really. Sad

I just find online life to be more accepting is all. Offline, If you give off the right vibes, I am very much capable of being myself around you. If not, then well... you'll either get a chameleon, a nod machine, or somewhere in between.
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I think I am more of myself online in the sense that it's much easier to express how I am really feeling etc but I wouldn't say I am not my real self irl, just a less open version of myself.

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