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Reputation Points System Disabled?
(07-04-2016, 08:36 PM)Raven22 Wrote: There was no "abuse" of the rep points system. All rep poinrs given and recieved were for the things were for,good,funny,informative or happy posts. No rules were broken.
Only "abuse" was the abuse hurled at those of us who did not have protected status like the "favourite people"on here. They have protected status but this just ensures that they have been and will always be named on the "shit list" that is always passed on to one another of the nice people who join to warn them of the dangers of people on here who cannot be trusted and will attack "nice people".

NONE OF US MODERATORS EVER SAID RULES WERE BROKEN!! And you just proved exactly why the post rep system is going to stay off. It was misused which was explained to you and those who continued to do so. NO ONE has protected status on this forum either. Getting really tired of saying that.

Oh and just and FYI to you, seeing as how you are flaming/trolling and attempting to start something which as quiet awhile ago and should be done and over with, that usually would get people banned. Count yourself lucky.

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