Should women be allowed to dress the way they want?
This question is one of the most flawed questions I ever heard. The question is sexist. The answer is not a straight yes. It can't be. If it is, according to you, then you are ignorant, no me, because you are just following your perspective, even without listening to the opposite one. (BTW I am not on the opposite perspecitve).

AAAAAAAHHHHHH I can already sense the anger in women reading it. According to them, why to even discuss it? Well, if they hate disussing about it, they should ignore the discussion. Isn't forcing everyone to believe what they want a similar petty crap?

And please, dont lead this topic to rapes.

Why is this question raised?

> Well, this question started to appear with feminism. Feminism is great (I have no idea if I am being sarcastic or not). They thought: If men can wear whatever they want, why can't women wear whatever they want. A question for them,"Are men praised or glorified for wearing whatever they want?" Would other men stand up and salute in respect for a man who just came to the office in his underwear? No, they would straight away ask him to leave. Why????? You know the answer.

> The idea of the feminazis is worse, that they should not be judged for wearing whatever they want.
> Hah! That's impossible. No matter what the hell you do, people will judge you. Even if you go to your office in a fancy orange pants and a bright yellow t-shirt, people will ask you, thus discuss how it is not decent to wear it there. Isn't that what we call judging?
People will judge you even if you simply exist. So, it is a bullshit to ask or force people to not judge you for wearing whatever they want.

> A woman who calls herself a feminist said that "As a woman, I should be able to wear whatever I want. That also means, I can wear a bikini at my office, or be naked at the church. And, nobody should judge me or look at me.
This is how women interpret the idea of wearing whatever they want. She doesn't want to have social sense as well as wants not to be judged for it.

> What would you do if a man comes naked on a public place where you are chilling out with your family, and he is just covering his penis with a banana peel? Or a group of 100 similar men doing the same thing raising the same idea,"I, as a man, can dress whatever the way I want and nobody should judge me."
Atleast you would find it inappropriate. Why??? Just because he is a man? Why can't he dress the way he wants, if you can?
The question should be:

1. Should people be allowed to wear whatever they want?
Ans. Ever social occasion or situation should have a dressing style which comforts both: The person who wears the clothing as well as other people. I said comfort. The clothing should not represent vulgarity, I am not saying women should wear burkha. I said they should not wear a bikini in a church, because others will feel uncomfortable.
No, I am not an advocate of proper clothing, but believe me, if you do actually wear a bikini in a church, you might end up in jail. And the male race is not responsible for it. A man wearing underwear in a jail would face the same.

2. Should people wear whatever they want?
> Nobody should be forced to wear what she/he is uncomfortable with.
> You should go beyond your ego and consider how others feel about the way you present yourself. Means, a woman going bald is not a crime. She can do it, but if a random guy makes fun of her, what would you do? Put him in jail? What if 1000000 random guys make fun of her? Would you put all of them to jail? What a great use of your time!
> If people still decide to dress the way they want, they should consider one thing: That people WILL judge them. People WILL stare at them. People WILL make fun. They should be ready to ignore them, instead of raising flags for forcing everyone to agree to what you believe.

>> If you believe that you are free to dress, its your belief system. If someone believes that it is sometimes inappropriate, it is their belief system. If they are nobody to judge you, who the hell are you to force them to accept your beliefs? Think.

Feel free to discuss over PM.


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