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Friend hid FB post from me, hugged everyone but me
I am so upset, my friend from church made a FB post about moving to my town from her neighboring town and closer to my church and where I live, and that she was looking for a roomate. I got a notification that she posted this, looked at it but later saw that the status was gone. I asked another mutual friend if she could still see the status and she said yes. And a few days earlier she had posted pretty much the same thing about wanting to move to my town only it sounded less definite. The status she posted then hid from me said she was excited to be able to move to my town and closer to my church and that she was looking for a good roomate and not just anyone. Why would she hide that status from me??
Also, I am so upset this girl who I thought was my friend hugged everyone in my church group goodbye last night except me. She just looked at me and walked past me out he door. Why would she do this?? I feel like she doesn’t like me and wanted to hug everyone except me. Also, when I messaged her and a group of girls from our small group to hang outshe just said No I am busy, sorry! and immediately left the conversation.
Are these the same people you've posted about before? If so, I have to wonder why you're still giving them more chances. Something about you isn't clicking with them. Do you want to consider looking into different church groups?
It's clear to me that she probably doesn't consider you a very close friend. My guess to her hiding it was that she doesn't particularly care for your input on it. Some people just don't want to be bothered sometimes. Not everyone will be our friends, regardless of any shared and common interest.
I would recommend trying to not concern yourself with why other people do what they do (or don't do). It sounds like you need to start worrying more about yourself and why you are feeling like you need to be a part of everything, instead of worrying about why someone doesn't invite you here or doesn't show you this post or that post or whatever.

Although, Facebook does sometimes glitch and hides posts from people. It's happened to me multiple times (no, people didn't do it themselves, I know this for a fact)
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It seems like you pay a little too much attention to what people from this church group are doing....What are you doing? Where are you going? What are your plans? Those should be your focus, not what people who obviously aren't very close to you are doing.
I wouldn't call this person a friend. She's not acting like one.
One less shitty person in your life to worry about. That's good.
I'm actually David Blane.
Yeah, sounds like you've put more social investment into this person than they warrant.
With friends like that, who needs enemies?
Why chase that down? You can find far better friends than that. Cut your losses and move on.

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Hi Jashley, reading this thread and the other one you wrote about the wedding, it seems that you might be happier in a new church group. Is there another church nearby which you could join?
This girl may not have hugged you as she might have felt embarrassed about hiding her status on Facebook from you about moving to your town. Maybe she does think of you as a friend but doesn't want you as a roommate. I have a friend who is a good friend, but I wouldn't want to live with her as we are too different. It could just be this.

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