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What about your partner did you fall in love with?
Would anyone who is in or had a Marriage or Partnership want to share how they met?

What attracted you to the other person, and what qualities about the did you fall in love with or love about them?

I don't have any kind of partner, sadly. But what attracted me to the person I like was her aura. she seemed so happy. and i was a lonely kid in high school. and i wanted to be happy too.
its beauty is magnificent.
It breaks my heart to know that I will die
before I have experienced
everything there is to experience."
I'll give you the two relationships that had the biggest impact on my life. Both of which kind of started out the same way.

The first was more or less instant attraction, but there were issues because I was with a friend and she "saw him first," so I let her have him. So, we all started hanging out, him and her and me and his friend. Well, after a few weeks, I was "dating" the friend, but not really into him. I was also talking to the other guy and knew him and my friend hadn't worked out. We finally decided we had to tell his friend that I wasn't into him....I felt like a monster, I really did, but he took it well.

The second...well, yeah, almost the same situation, but not quite. I was a cheerleader (yes, I really was, shut up. lol) and him and two of his friends were at the game. I was walking by and he ended up yelling a smartass comment to me and I sent a smartass comment back and kept walking. After the game, they struck up a conversation with me, the guys friend started flirting with me. I was all, fine, whatever, but wasn't flirting back. I ended up walking back to the guy's driveway (small town, different time, no worries) and the guy flirting with me was really getting annoying and not taking the hint that I wasn't into him, so I kissed the guy that issued the smartass comment at the game. The next day, I went to the homecoming dance with him, we dated for a few years and then got married. The guy that originally wanted me was the best man at our wedding, he was still a little bitter over not getting me.
I wasn't overly attracted to him at first, but as I got to know him, I was.

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I met my husband of 14 years when he moved into the house next door to me. Wasn't sure about him at first, very different from me - he's practical and realistic whereas I am a dreamer with my head in clouds....but it's a perfect partnership - he keeps me grounded when I need to be, but still gives me the freedom to be myself. And vice versa...

What cemented the whole relationship and made me fall for him was this: he headed to work one morning and on his way, he found an injured cat on the road - it was still alive, but obviously seriously hurt as its back legs weren't functioning. He couldn't just leave it there, so he picked it up and brought it back home. He called into work, saying he'd be late (didn't tell them why), then headed into the closest vet (a 30 minute drive in the opposite direction from work), left the cat with them with our phone number and instructions we'd pay for this cat's treatment. Ended up well over $1000, but the cat happily survived, and was adopted out to a nice family.

My sweetie likes to act like a 'manly man' (he does this just to bug me, I think!), but deep down I know the truth...and that's why I fell in love. His compassion, kindness, his willingness to step above and beyond to do the right thing....and he has a great sense of humour and makes me laugh...Smile
Met him gaming. And I like the fact that he can fix things. That's about it. He's not compassionate. He's not kind. He's not loving.

Ringwood, you almost make a girl want to dream...
compassion, kindness, empathy, patience, good advice. silence when i needed it most, and kind words at just the right time. loyalty, trust, and beauty - inside and out.
Me and my wonderful lady both love animals and being nudist. I can't think of a better lady to have in my life.
No, I have always been single I have never been in love. Yes, I do believe in love but I never want to be in love.
Her eyes, her smile. Boom just like that it happened.

...but that was a long time ago

... it seems like it was a dream I woke up from. I hate dreaming now more than ever.
She had classic feminine qualities like eye batting, hair tossing, and a sexy smile. Her look back as she was walking away was awesome. She dressed nicely and smelled great too. 

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