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Reccomend Me An Indie Game
So we're over half-way through 2016 and a vast majority of my favourite games this year have been indies. I've enjoyed roaming forests in Firewatch, running a farm in Stardew Valley, exploring the vastness of space in Rebel Galaxy and learning how to negotiate in Undertale. This is a far cry from someone who hated all things indie this time last year.

So forum folks; what indie games do you recommend?
I really enjoyed Flower and Journey.
Stardew Valley all the way. I second Flower and Journey. Octodad too.
LISA, Hotline Miami 1&2, Thomas Was Alone, Cave Story+, Jazzpunk...
Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I go...
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Limbo, Inside (kind of the sequel to Limbo I think), Year Walk. All 3 have amazing graphics & twist endings/deeper hidden meanings.
Firewatch was great, although there were many plot holes that didn't make sense to the game, but I loved the graphics & music.
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This guy is no longer here, but the topic is still relevant. Death Road to Canada is my favorite Indie game.

It's pretty much infinitely replayable with customizable and even secret characters, and can be played single player or even co-op (hence why it's best on the Switch, as all those features + portability).

I've seriously put in like 200+ hours on that port alone. And it still keeps getting updates. It'll take forever to see everything.
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The best indie game I've played on my phone is Lapse so far. You should all check it out
(08-04-2016, 09:05 AM)BreakingtheGirl Wrote: Limbo
Limbo is awesome, played that.

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