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I made a youtube channel
Think I'm going to use this to document my life experiences and also talk about whatever else I want to talk about.

This first video isn't much but there is more coming that should be more interesting:
Yay. Keep it up dood!
Great stuff man!
Best of luck with it.
Cool, keep up the good work! You should upload some jams Smile
Hey man, I just saw your video. Good work ! You speak well.

Your channel doesn't have any more videos, though. You planning to upload some ?
Yes, I keep meaning to do something but I don't get around to it. I might try and do a book review before the end of the year.
I can't quite put my finger on it, but this welcoming video is really captivating! You've got this aura around that keeps you (the viewer) interested :o
[Image: fBO4fJe.png]
Lovely video. Have subscribed. Hoping you weren't effected by the recent NZ earthquake? Do take care of yourself. Hugs from neighbouring Queensland. [Image: love-hug4.gif]

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