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Anyone here still play GTA 5 online?
It would be nice to find someone willing to mess around a bit while playing. I have the game on the 360, PS3 and PC so if anyone wants to play I have it on those systems. Send me a message, either email or PM (or even send me a contact request on Skype if you want since I usually use that for voice chat when I play) and let me know. I'll give you my user name for whatever system you play on if anyone wants to play.

I sometimes do, although not lately as I can't afford to keep XBL right now. I have the game on the 360.
Yeah it stinks that you need XBL to play online. I guess it isn't enough to buy the system and the games, but you need to pay to play online too.

I used to play all the time until everyone I played with quit playing. I play on xbox.
Yeah, I play on PS4.
Damn, well over a year too late. I'm always looking for people who also still play this on PS3.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Well I did until I found out I needed a PS+ subscription to play. >:{
Anyone still up for playing this?

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