Poll: How often do you go out?
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2 9.52%
once a day
4 19.05%
several times a week
5 23.81%
once a week
3 14.29%
less than once a week
7 33.33%
Total 21 vote(s) 100%
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poll: how often do you go out?
how often do you go outside? As in spending time outside the house.
(don't consider for example when you have to go to work)

Additionally, where do you usually go?
I go for walks because I have to. I've around the cemetery and call in at the shop on the way home to get something unhealthy to counteract my efforts
I go out 3 times a week just for shopping, such an exciting life Sad
About three days a week. Friday is usually errand day, so groceries, gas up the jeep and hit a couple of thrift stores. Saturday is usually a flea market with a buddy of mine. Rest of the weekend I'll go fishing or, with another buddy, to the indoor range or sand dunes to go target shooting.
Several times a day.
Regardless of whether or not I have to, I try to go out often even just to get coffee or a snack. Otherwise it's too easy to start feeling depressed or get sore eyes from staring at a computer screen too much.
A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother.
daily ...I have a dog that needs to be exercised
I go out on a regular basis because of the dog and my health. We have a huge garden so some work can always found (cut down(or mow?) grass etc...)

So regarding to my social life i am alone because i want to be. My "friends" take drugs so bye bye i dont need that. I do not feel the desire for people(to meet people) yet.
I do groceries pretty much every day. On top of that, depending on the weather, i do other things too. Like cycling, walking, visiting places, something like that.
I go for walks or bike rides every day, if the weather permits it. If I sit inside too much I build up too much energy and have a hard time sitting still. Walking or bike riding is like my meditation. If I'm in a bad mood, like anger, frustration, or feeling gloomy, going out in the fresh air eases it most of the time and I'm able to see things more clearly when I get back.
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