Poll: How often do you go out?
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poll: how often do you go out?
I'm more of an indoor person. I go out only with the same people usually, my best friend in real life. On occasion there are a few other friends too but nah, I think I'd be more comfortable going out if the people were more on my wavelength. Otherwise, I find it so draining.

If I do go out, usually it's to have a meal, or go to the stores or go shopping. I don't do these very often though. Definitely less than once a week.. or once every few weeks.
I like to get out for walks or hikes several times a week.
Can you be more specific? Go outside? Like hello???
Coffee fix of course. I hope everyone on here regardless of work tries to get out of thier house for a period at least once a day
(09-14-2016, 10:58 AM)Restless soul Wrote: Coffee fix of course. I hope everyone on here regardless of work tries to get out of thier house for a period at least once a day

In my case I go out only to go to supermarket or university. Lately I don't go to university.
Once or twice a month I may go out with other people, but it can be rarer.
I spend most days home without ever going out.
Freaky ghost post - disregard!
OUT, meaning, like something social to do; as much as I'd like to, I don't have many things to do in that regard. Even though I do enjoy it when I get to.

But just out of the house, at least once a day (bare minimum) or way more. I was such a shut-in growing up and I can't believe I didn't enjoy it like I do now. Even if you're alone, there's just something nice about being out; comforting, and I'm someone who can always find new interesting things, meet new people or find something new to do or see.

But as a teen, I was angry, I guess with really bad anxiety.

Staying inside all day too makes me feel like a slob, my legs stiff and just like I'm letting myself fall apart. Also too much time in front a screen will make anyone's head hurt. That makes going out seem even more liberating.
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Go to work 8 hours a day Mon-Fri, then after cooking, eating, shopping, and housework, I don't see how I would have time to fit much else in on a weekday. I'm nearly always out hiking somewhere on at least one day over the weekend. Staying indoors too much is not good for me. I very rarely do any offline socialising though, and when I do it feels strange, exciting, and terrifying.
I haven't gone out in months...
Once every two weeks to see a friend of mine at his place. He's on disability, all we do is drink scotch, play retro video games, and talk a lot about music, movies, and television. I haven't actually "gone out, gone out" in...IDK how long now...Like to a bar or something, specifically to be in a social environment? It's been at least a year, if not longer. I kind of try to avoid it. I really don't even go to concerts anymore because they often require me to travel over an hour out of town and are almost always on days in which I'd rather not go, and I also almost always would prefer not to go to concerts alone (come to think of it, I never have actually been to a concert alone...)
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