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Medical Issue - a lonely person's worst nightmare - probably women thread
So this week, my back started hurting me. Then, my abdomen started hurting me. I mean, bad, as bad as I have ever dealt with. I went to the doctor and they tested me for a UTI. Now, got to say I did not think that was it. I had no symptoms of that. Plus I didn't think you would have back pain from that unless it went into the kidneys. But I do have an infection. My urine test came back a disaster and my blood tests confirmed I had an infection. But, my kidney results came back showing that it didn't seem to have gone into the kidneys. Though it just tests kidney function.

So today I took an antibiotic and if anything, I think things have gotten worse. I now have a fever (99) and chills and my back pain is worse than ever. You might have suspected some improvement.

I guess it is too early to say... about the antibiotic working but I am worried that the infection will go away and I will still have the crushing back pain (infection not related to it) Or that the antibiotic won't work.

At this point I feel too sick to do much at all. And I can't even conceive what would happen if I had to go into the hospital. My cat needs food -- water, litter. I feel like I really have no one at all to help me out with it. My brother and a friend live too far away to watch my cat. I googled some cat sitters today but I am unsure if I could get them on short notice.

This is it, this is the nightmare. Getting sick and not being able to care for the cat. And not having anyone to turn to.
Getting sick is no fun. But maybe I can ease your mind just a little bit. It is common for symptoms to get worse for a short while (hours or days) after you start an antibiotic. The invader launches one last great offensive. Continue taking the antibiotic as prescribed. Lots of water. Good food. Rest. Stress release. Etc.
I live in New Zealand so can't help but is there anyone on the forum who might live near you?
It's the lonely person's nightmare alright....your post hits me right where I live, dunno what I'd do if it was me. Please keep us advised how you're doing.
What we think we become.
Maybe you could contact the cat sitters just to ask if they would offer short notice coverage if you ever need it? If so, it would put your mind at rest about your cat. If they don't, are there any local catteries you could try?
Could your brother or your friend travel to your place to collect the cat and take him/her back to stay with them?
I hope that you soon feel better. Being so unwell is hard for anyone, but even more so for someone alone. As others have said here, if I lived nearby, I would love to look after your cat, but I am not in the US.
A couple things to be aware of ...the antibiotics are not going to work instantly
Make sure you take as directed stick to the schedule and make sure you keep taking them as directed until finished

Yogurt is your friend when taking antibiotics ... eating it will help your stomach keep the good bacteria going

Sometimes muscles in one area can cause havoc in other areas the cramping belly causing the back to ache ?
Is not feeling well got you lazing around ? Our bodies are built to be in motion
Thanks everyone for your support. I woke up this morning without a fever so I am hoping that I am getting somewhat better. But I still have pain. Can never really tell about fevers because when I sleep I usually have by body temp drop.

It would be quite a feat for anyone to get my cat out of my house. I can hardly do it for vet visits. Just going to rest today and hope for the best.

glad your feeling a little improvement

Warm bath ?

Unfortunately some cats dont travel well
I think its a good thing in this case to have that little fur bag depending on you
how are you feeling ?
All fine. Still need to get a couple of tests but all fine. Thanks for the support.

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