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Any one from australia?
kt_kt_99 Wrote:hiiiiiiiii i'm from sydney. yeh its pretty hard really. i've made a few friends from work (cotton on) but its still a tad depressing lol. ur too kind! no idea how to use this contraption so i'll just give u my msn: -emo i know but it's fall out boy (before they were cool) lol. chat soon x

yeh same havent really made any friends here either just my room mates pretty much, added you to msn my email is before you ask its just two names i really liked put together lol i always get asked whay it means someone even thought it was latin haha but yeh look forward to chatting
Midnight feathers falling from the clear blue sky coming down to the abyss, grace has abandoned them and left them to drift alone, angels without wings can not fly
any ronery girls from sydney? Big Grin
I'm from Newcastle but have family in Brisbane.

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