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Do You Find it Difficult to Forgive Yourself for The Wrong You've Done In Life?
I haven't done that many bad things in my life. Nothing too extreme. But I have hurt people I loved. And I do torment myself over it. Have not forgiven myself. But, in my defense those people hurt me badly too, and they don't seem to feel an ounce of remorse or hold themselves the slightest bit accountable for that. Only one person has ever apologized for hurting me, and I immediately forgave her. We can't ask to be forgiven if we're unwilling to forgive others. I think what's most important is I forgive others and let go of the anger, and try hard to never repeat my past mistakes. In time, maybe I'll learn to forgive myself too, even if the people I hurt won't forgive me.
I went through a period of depression and acted like an ass. Have i forgiven myself? For a long time, i beat myself up daily. However, over time, i have been able to put this behind me. I didn't do anything terrible, just acted like an ass and now feel foolish and stupid. But, it happens. We human beings are a messy lot.
Being from a family that is made of hearts of thorns, I've been around my share of destructive behaviour & have done plenty of it too. I'm not sure if we ever truly forgive ourselves, perhaps the memory remains to remind us where we went wrong before, however I've found that contemplating your reasons for doing your wrong doings can help to find that reason to forgive yourself & get the relief that comes with it, & then finally being able to move on from the hurt with a fresh & lighter perspective.
If you're dwelling on an issue's then it could be because you've yet to find that point of forgiveness.

There are some who can forgive without reason & for them that is enough to move on, it's not something I understand, so I tend to hold a grudge if something serious has happened.
(11-04-2016, 03:09 PM)Komodo Wrote: In my time I've hurt and let down the ones closest to me and I really have a hard time forgiving myself. Even though the ones I hurt did forgive me. Do you find it difficult to forgive yourself for the wrong you've done?

Somewhat.  There's definitely some things that I wished I hadn't said or done, and I still wish I hadn't.  I'm not a person who goes and looks for trouble, but I tend to fall into other wrong things and I haven't always been the best person I could be.  Sometimes, I haven't been very good at all.  I try to avoid saying and doing these things again, but at the same time I also find that it's best for me not to think about it too much because I'll just wish I could go back and change it, and unfortunately that's not possible.

I feel guilty about it only if I caused something bad to someone else because of it, and it was completely my fault. But even those feelings of mine play into self-improvement.

I feel I wouldn't be where I'm at now without making a lot of mistakes. Even if I had future powers to go back and tell past me; the lack of actually experiencing them, feeling them, etc, would render the lessons superficial.
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