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How did everyone here come to find this site?
Just curious. Oh and what do you like about it?
I typed in "lonely people forum" in google... kinda sad isn't it Wink
I had just watched a TEDx talk on "Lethality of loneliness", and Googled the subject afterwards.

One of the search results had an Alan Watts quote in it, that I LOVED ! "The fear of death is absurd, because, when you are dead, you have nothing to worry about. So, it'll be alright."

Captivated, I immediately clicked on the search result, and it took me to this forum. One of the forum members has this as his/her signature. I had to sign up ! Big Grin

What do I like about it ? That it is rather effective in killing my time.
Ok..killing time..ok. and supportive members? That is what
I like. And the broad range of categories, that covers all areas that would contribute to ones lonliness. simply put
Google +1
Googled lonely forum.
Makes sense. Google was the a big factor in discovering the site
Someone I was speaking to on another support forum encouraged me to find other sites to meet people. This was one of the first forums that caught my attention. For all its issues, I did meet some great people (and hopefully will continue to do so).
(11-09-2016, 07:27 AM)Restless soul Wrote: Just curious. Oh and what do you like about it?

Nice idea for a topic. Thank you.
Yeah, I know how to pick them. 😀😀😁😂


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