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Any game devs here?
I would like to talk to some game devs here (if there are any) or people who are familiar with game development. I do graphics stuff (3d, textures, learning udk, etc) so i think we would share common interests. i'm in my 20s and i'm interested in skype voice chats as a means of chatting. long shot but i thought i'd ask anyway. thanks
I've worked on some game development projects, but none that came to fruition. I've kind of been soured on the idea because of it, but a friend and I have been talking about starting our own project sometime soon. And while I don't have any actual completed projects under my belt, he has a couple games he's finished (nothing very polished, but at least a finished product).

I don't suppose you're looking for a project to work on, are you? Graphics are one of the main areas we need people for (that, and coding; we have writers and people we can tap for sound), but this is a "starting out" project so there's no pay offered except as a percent of any money we would earn from the finished game.

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