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Bringing back what i lost or meeting people online?
Well,this is my 3rd post in the forum it's again about friendships but this time online friendships...
I know people always talk 'dont talk online with strangers , it's a waste of time' , but i dont think so! I like this kind of way , it's somehow more safe(i can be even more opened than i am usually) and i have some experience in this kind of "enviroment" Big Grin
I always see people chatting with friends , either in the bus , outside or whatever... i know most of these people they know them , 
but how can i meet new people online when all i tried this and the year before was just ignoring my messages like im nobody , i don't have what to say , it's that what they think? I want to share my life stories and other things with new people and this time this kind of frustration to end , i want to be feeling normal and peaceful again and NOT losing many people , i know i cant be friend with everybody but at least some people would be sooo amazing , and yes im a bit dramatic but it's the sad truth ... It's like i don't belong to this place or don't "fit in" , well im used to things like that but i want that to stop and change somehow.. Shy
Anyone? Some useful advice maybe...
Pursuit knowledge and only take regard of the people who truly care about you. Everything else is worthless.
I don't think chatting with people online is a waste of time,I have met quite a few of my closest offline friends by talking to them online or through people I have met online. I have social anxiety so it isn't always easy for me to just make friends with people other places although as time has gone on and I have become more confident this is changing,the main thing that I have learnt is not to give up. Not everyone you will talk to online you will become friends with and a lot of the time those friendships don't last. You have to be yourself and keep putting yourself out there,and you will eventually start clicking with people.
Certainly not a waste of time. I have met some really good people online. Just got to find them really. I have met... quite a lot of horrible people as well. Suffice to say, those that chat with online regularly are certainly worth as much as the other 'friends' I know in real life. Maybe even more. They have helped a lot in the tough times, and I feel a lot better in myself when I can talk with them. But I have had... what... years of trial and error before I met those people. It's hard to find, but there are some gems in the mire of mud and crap called the internet.

Bit of ancient wisdom. You can tell a stranger anything and you'll be perfectly safe, they don't know you and you don't know them. Same is true online really, just so long as you keep up that barrier of anonymity.
thanks for the posts guys i think you have a key points.

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