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Someone remembered my birthday recently!!
I don't hold any meaning to birthdays. They're exactly the same as any other random day of the year; I think the perceived importance of it is largely due to your social circle and society as a whole. I never voluntarily tell my date of birth to anyone, and I don't really observe anyone else's (I mean, I don't have anyone's to celebrate as it is, but even just out of formality) apart from the odd "Happy Birthday" if making eye contact with them is unavoidable. That said it's not surprising that no one has ever given any importance to my birthday, it's pretty normal.

It's pretty hard not to mention my birthdate, it'll come up in some conversation one way or another with people I have to talk too; this turns into an awkward situation where I know they won't care for my birthday, but I don't care if they don't, but also really want them to wish me "happy birthday" even though I know they don't really care. There are two individuals who were aware that my birthday was soon approaching as it came up in our talks - so the 'special' day I kind of  expected them to message some sort of wish, just out of pure formality... but it turned out I was wrong.

But!! About four days later I visited an online social community that I once was active on. I noticed a little alert notification. I was puzzled, what could this be? The topic of my yearly numeric increment was utterly out of mind.


This really, really shocked me! And hit me way too emotionally. I told this person my birthday upon him asking last year! A whole blooming twelve months back! My mind, even now, cannot at all fathom the how and why he remembered this. I can't help but tear tear up when I think about this!
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I get how you feel. Bday is just another day, esp. if you're always alone on the day.

3 years ago, I turned 30, and I had NO ONE to celebrate with.

Have to ask yourself - why give a fuck ?

But, yes, nice to hear a rare wish !

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