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Regular A.L.L. Anti-Loneliness/ Low-Self Esteem Drop-in Sessions...? Would love...
...a regular group of people to chat with and give regular updates, progress etc. about what they are doing to combat their loneliness and self-esteem!

I was inspired from Meetup seeing that there are depression/ anxiety weekly meetups. I felt a bit awkward about attending these sessions and when it comes to discussing "dark" thoughts re: loneliness or self-esteem. I also prefer to express myself better through writing than by speaking (I would just break out crying lol).

I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in this? I could set up a copy-and-paste profile so we all get to now each other. We could have regular check-in chats and all establish a goal for the week (e.g. Sign up for an online dating site...Start Volunteering...Do something nice for 2 people etc.)

I personally would like this because it would help keep myself "committed". I found that having a support community of regular people helped me achieve goals in other areas of my life even when I didn't think I'd make it initially.

I am just so tired
sounds interesting. you may want to check the chat section too. and welcome to the forum. Smile

Hi Restless soul. give your mind some time off. (hug)
Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts. (Albert Einstein)
(12-11-2016, 06:41 AM)zero Wrote: sounds interesting. you may want to check the chat section too. and welcome to the forum. Smile

Hi Restless soul. give your mind some time off. (hug)

Lol, thanks. It aalready had plenty of time off.
zero, thanks!

RS...I know. Loneliness IS exhausting. Just curious...what do you think of my suggestion? I just thought it'd be a great for a group of people to check-in on each other. The forum format is more of a "I'll post and see who replies". Also, I think it'd be cool for the public or other members to see this group of people sharing ideas with each other on combating loneliness...
Sounds pretty good, I'm with it. Lord knows how isolated I am :/ btw your avatar, that painting is beautiful. It captures the scene so well with emotions and reminds me of myself as I am always taking the bus everywhere and am usually staring out the window lol.

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