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TV series: what to watch next?
I ALMOST bought that at the pawn shop, they had it on sale lol.
I heard it was a funny sitcom. Yes it has made it's way here. I almost bought it because I was looking for sci-fi, but buying a sitcom...I don't know, I was meh. Also, I love Simon and all his movies, but wasn't sure what exacl;y the series was. I'll admit sometimes British humor has puzzled me, although...ALTHOUGH, hehe...your contributions to the Funnies will forever be among the greatest. Monty Python among others. I'll have to try it now, though I'm also hesitating between that and Red Dwarf.
Instead I bought the first season of fringe. I was assured it was more sci-fi-ish, although apparently the ending sucks (typical of Abrams so far).
Spaced is about 2 late 20 singletons who pretend to be a couple in order to rent a flat, that's the premise but its not really about much beyond being that age and not doing much with your life and having weird friends. I would compare it to Flight of the Conchords off the top of my head in terms of the level of stupidity (without the songs). I'd always recommend 'League of Gentlemen' and 'Mighty Boosh' as my favourite british comedies.. both are totally nuts though.

Yeah we're not the best at Sci Fi, visual effects and budget let us down. Red Dwarf was so good as it was a comedy so could look a bit rubbish and it didn't matter. The Expanse is the best US Sci-Fi show I have seen in a while, I have read the books and its a good attempt at recreating them I think.
Can't believe no one's mentionned it yet, but you have to, if you've never seen it, HAVE to watch Firefly and it's companion movie Serenity.
Seriously. Do it right now.
I've been watching Sneaky Pete (Amazon), Lemony Snicket, and about to start the new Lost in Space series on Netflix
(05-02-2018, 10:52 PM)Richard_39 Wrote: Can't believe no one's mentionned it yet, but you have to, if you've never seen it, HAVE to watch Firefly and it's companion movie Serenity.
Seriously. Do it right now.

Yes!!! So.damn.good.
Quite like 'new shelden' or young shelden or whatever its called
Teen Wolf
The Expanse (takes a couple episodes to kind of figure out what's going on)
Sense8 (same as above)
The Magicians
Twelve Monkeys (not actually about monkeys)
Jessica Jones
oh, and Buffy. Almost forgot that one.
Twilight Zone
Lost In Space
And Twin Peaks too!
All great shows, with action and scifi! I love these!
Fellow Sci-Fi fans, I HIGHLY recommend Black Mirror on Netflix (sorry if it's been said already, I quickly skimmed over the replies Toungue ). It has a very Twilight Zone/Outer Limits feel but with more modern sci-fi twists, so you can pick up at any episode or season.I THIRD Firefly!! Big Grin And it's not intimidating like Supernatural or other extremely long running shows being as it's only one season and a movie unfortunately.

Other mentions :

Breaking Bad
Doctor Who (If you're a sci-fi and fantasy geek, this might be up your alley if you can get past the early low budget production)
This Is Us (Some of the best writing I've ever encountered in a TV show, not to mention the most emotionally engaging and never ending character development)
I recommend BBC series The Night Manager. I second Siku's suggestion above with The Black Mirror, Breaking Bad and Sherlock.
If anyone is into animation then I would suggest Rick and Morty.

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