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TV series: what to watch next?
If you have Netflix and like dark supernatural-ish shows I suggest The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It is dark, wicked, well acted and...well...chilling. I finished watching all 10 episodes and damn it's a good show. There are some twists in the show and one huge major character spoiler that you'd think a bunch of witches would figure out. But I guess that's for next season. I'd say it's a devilishly good show. I'm done with the puns now.
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Ok, I had a real hard time finding a trailer that didnt have a shitload of gory stuff inn it.
This one was the most innocent. lol
This show is NOT for the faint-hearted!
I just watched Maniac. It's really good but it takes a few episodes to set up.

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