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My success story
I thought to make this thread so it would make me acknowledge my achievement and make me more positive.

I was born into a family that I hated. I hated my mom, dad and sister from a young age. I just kept that in secret. 
Years later, I found that each one of them hated me too. My mom told me that she was sorry for giving me birth. 
My mom died, when I was 14. It made me happy that day and ever since. However, at age of 15, my dad found a new girlfriend. 
That girlfriend had 2 daughters and an abusive boyfriend. She came to my house with her daughters and showed me and my sister hell.
Year later, I found a way to get rid of them including my dad. They all moved to live in her dad house.. while I was left alone in the house. 
A few months later, my aunt contacted me from Russia, and told me if I want to study in UK. I discovered that she had a rich husband.
I agree, and flew to study there. But what I discovered was that my aunt was a bossy and dark person. She was scolding and arguing me non-stop during the holidays before each academic year. I ignored her and my dad. Although, I had to communicate with my aunt, because she was sending me money for my school. 

Life was hard, at age of 19 still had no girlfriend nor friends, nor family. But I got accepted to top uni to study business. I attended uni. But the psychological burden of life and poor social life was too heavy to bear, I stopped studying in my first year. My aunt and uncle got frustrated. Then after a year I went back to the same uni, to graduate. The process was hard, I kept socially isolated, I lived in places I wish I hadnt lived. I became very awkward socially. I started stammering and my speech worsened from lack of talking with anyone. At age of 24 I graduated, went back to Israel, ended the relationship with the bad tempered aunt and came back to my father.

The story there is a bit more complicated regarding him, my sister, and my dad girlfriend. Basically, there was police involved, I ended being enlisted to the army. But hated it so 3 months in I came out from the army, confident that with my degree I would get a job. I was wrong, I got 3 years of unemployment instead, which proved my hard academic work in UK was worth nothing.

During the 2 first years of unemployment I was tired of my dad, who was a stupid retard. I told him to invest in a few courses, he did. After doing a few, after one year, of learning how to program, I got my first job as a web developer. Programming was hard mentally and everyone around me including me were believing that I wasnt able to make it, ..get a job. I programmed a chat application and a few games. All my projects and certificates that I obtained..proved as almost nothing in the real market. But it was just enough for one firm that paid me a low salary.

I went through more difficulties, more social isolation, more events that I had to prove my self through my intelligence, and also financially. 
With a lot of patience and effort I did. 

Today I untied all the family ties that bothered me since age of 14 and work as a relatively well paid information security consultant. I am financially, socially and emotionally independent. Wiser and more knowledgeable than majority of the people.

From the past apart from life, I learnt about different cultures ,psychology, history, business, martial arts, english, computer-related topics. 
The most recent thing that I have learnt though, is that I am self-aware to myself and the paths in life that I can take and able to achieve.

I used to have low self-control, be lazy, bitter, stupid at decision making, hedonist, too forgiving, poor coping skills, coward, evasive, submissive, everyone's joke, low descipline, no social skills. <- Thats the old me and it is dead! Smile  Smile Smile Smile Smile

"Be thankful for the hard times, for what they have made you."
I find it interesting that your start your successful account with the fact that you hated your family.

So the Angel said: 'Thy phantasy has imposed upon me
& thou oughtest to be ashamed.'
I answer'd: 'We impose on one another ,
& it is but lost time to converse with you
whose works are only Analytics.'

Opposition is True Friendship

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