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I need a Job
Hi all, I know this is not the place for this, but I am desperate enough to give it a shot, as you might have read I lost my job November 30th, I have been looking ever since before I lost my job for a job opportunity in the US. 
Here in Peru I am a Bilingual executive administrative assistant, and a licensed veterinarian. 
I am willing to take any job that I can, preferably if it is legal. I am afraid of being deported and never allowed back. 

I have been looking for H1b visas opportunities, which are for office work, even signed up for a site that "helps" you. 
I am also more than willing to consider H2a Visa opportunities, which is to work in farms picking fruit or stuff like that
hell If I can be a house keeper or what ever legally, I will do it. 

If the job could be near king city it would be awesome, as I will be all alone in the US and I have a friend in king city, it would be nice to know if anything happens he could have my back. 

I am really sorry for posting this, I hope with all my heart someone can help. 

Thank you in advance.

ps. at the moment I only have a tourist visa to the US, and I am currently in Peru
ps2. At the moment I am living in a very bad place for me, I urgently need to get out of here. Please help.
How is your job hunting going? I hope you've had/have some luck! Smile
I'm not sure what anyone can do. I do hope you get out of your situation. I have a friend in a similar situation but without even the job skills, and unless I marry him he can't leave. Especially with the new administration here in the US.

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