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I seriously don't know what to do anymore.
stop doing all that.

As i said before - if someone worthwhile catches your eye - engage. Other than that, i find it pretty useless to chase females around, going out of your way just to be around them, in my opinion and experience of course. Just develop your craft or whatever is it you do. 
Maybe that sounds ignorant (horse shit as one keeps suggesting), maybe it is - i'm just done running after gals who don't give a damn.
Perphaps some of us really do simply fall between the cracks and that's it.
I agree with Xpendable to a point. Like him, and like many of us here, we've pushed and worked on improving ourselves to the point where we're unrecognizable from our former socially inept selves. And yet somehow, we still pull the short straws. We look around, and see people whom very much resembled our former selves in romantic partnerships. Is it because people can see that deep down, we're assholes. And, I'll gladly accept that I am, infact an asshole. But then we see other assholes whom are alot worse than us in personality. And yet THEY are in relationships too. I have to wonder if people like us bear something similar to a Mark of Cain. Where women will look at us and become utterly repulsed by reasons even they can't explain?

To quote professor Kissler from Knowing: "I think..... shit just happens." Or in our case, doesn't happen. For most of us in this boat, there IS no solid reason why we can't partner up. We just.... can't. And for those of us above 30, as we face the prospect of our faltering youth, We've come to a point, where we realise that on a strategic level, there is nothing that can be done to alleviate it, save for dulling our hearts and pretending our loneliness doesn't bother us.

But I said I agree with X to a point. Because unlike most of us in this boat, I know exactly why it doesn't happen for me. The prospect of approaching women in clubs, bars, and even online dating terrifies me, and so my feet are stayed. I will not go into the reasons why in public, out of fear of getting banned.

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