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Anyone from Australia?
Anyone from Australia? 30+ perhaps?
A life alone.
Damn, guys!
A life alone.
I was born in Australia, haha. But I've lived in Canada most of my life...and I'm definitely over 30. Smile
I wish I was in Canada right now! Snow and cold weather, much better than the hot and humidity here!
A life alone.
I hear ya! Everyone is complaining here about winter so far - mind you, it is a tad on the cold side...-29 this my opinion, far preferable to +30 C temperatures in the summer. I am a fall and winter girl.

And lots of snow this year - this pic was taken before Christmas, since then we've had at least another foot.

[Image: 33zbux1.jpg]
Aww, how beautiful! I miss snow!
A life alone.
Long time lurker. First time poster. 

Yes, a card carrying 30+ Victorian here. According to this map, I guess that makes me a convict.  Smile

[Image: Map_402e1b_2831447.jpg]

25 and British but now living in Queensland here. Weather absolutely unbearable lately. Ringwood, I'd die for some of that snow right about now!

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