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Does anyone else have this issue with online dating
So I foolishly decided to sign up for POF. I have long sworn off online dating.  When I last did online dating I was under pressure to get married and have a kid. And now, that ship has largely sailed so I am doing anything now is just for me. So I figured it might be a different story. 

But I was reminded again that I have some sort of photographic dissonance with regard to online dating. Almost every guy on there, their photo repulses me. I am starting to think it is an issue only with the online dating format. Or in other words if you sat me down and showed me a series of total strangers I would find them all ugly.  But if I somehow knew them or knew of them or had seen them talk or just seen them walk in a room, I wouldn't find them ugly and or scary. 

But if say I knew the person without a photo for weeks and liked them or (just didn't hate them) if you showed me the photo then I would think it was just fine.
It sounds like you are projecting the superficiality of the setting onto the people, and probably rightfully so.
possibly  but it also seems like everyone seems hideous. Even not attractive people. I was thinking while I was looking (WHY CAN"T PEOPLE PUT UP DECENT PHOTOS!!!)

unless they just don't know how to put up photos. 

But I did a search for women as well and I thought they also seemed horrifically ugly.
POF is used as a hookup site by many people on there just like Tinder. I'm certainly glad I don't use those kind of sites because after your remarks I'd be offended. That's my takeaway from what you've said. There are people on here who are on POF and you just called them ugly. Something to think about.
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(01-11-2017, 10:49 AM)Sci-Fi Wrote: POF is used as a hookup site by many people on there just like Tinder.  I'm certainly glad I don't use those kind of sites because after your remarks I'd be offended.  That's my takeaway from what you've said.  There are people on here who are on POF and you just called them ugly.  Something to think about.

As I made clear in the original post... it is an odd quirk that lies with me that when I see photos (anyplace really) without any context I find the photos scary, ugly, and upsetting.  This applies to women and men. 

But if I had almost any information about the person at all.. seeing that face on a human, who moves and I can get information from, I would find that same person just fine... no matter how objectively ugly they were (if they were).

I am aware POF is a hook up site.  Rolleyes
I don't think she called them ugly. I think she explained that she has a quirk where photos of people in that place look ugly to her. Seems different to me.
Also... there is something about the overwhelming nature of it. I mean I limit the search and still come back with 48 pages. I think at some point they all mush together in my mind.

Might be better if the dating site limited you to 4 per day or something.
Hey, I'm happy as long as it's not a dick pic! Smile
A life alone.
If it's dating you want you could try a site/app based on common interrests, there are even a few out that that will not show photos, I don't do online dating.... or offline for the matter Wink so I can't comment on the quality and/or availability of those sites and apps.

Good luck!
I think the OP is right - seems like a mental quirk of some sort. I can't put my finger on it, but Google might have an answer.
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