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I went to see a counselor today regarding dating and feeling depressed
I pat myself on the back for taking the initiative, this being a new year, to seek out counseling regarding my anger, depression and loneliness because it's difficult for me to find the right girlfriend that will lead on to a marriage.

Last year, I have only met girl through friend or church referrals. All of them broke down after having me meet the girl at coffee shops. I was devastated.

I even went back home to visit my parents last year in October where my mother had a girl set up for me. Only to have that girl show up late for our date, and she didn't even bother to look at me while she entered my mom's friend's business shop.

I talked to the counselor that I feel that I'm discriminated against in the dating field, and how I'm pissed off, angry in a rage, but also depressed and many times, feel alone.

I feel a little better after my morning session. I laugh because some of the stuff I told her kind of scared the shit out of her too! LOL!

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