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How often do you shed a tear thinking about yourself or longing for something?

Thought it would be somewhat interesting to see how people fare.
Got the idea to ask since it's one of those times.
I suppose an honest answer to my own question would be once a month to soothe your interest.
It happens to me occasionally. Usually it happens when i fear that i'll never get any better and that the only chances i'll get in dating is to settle or just be single forever. I would say this is the most common reason it happens. Some days, I just don't see how it could go any other way. It makes me sad because I feel like I failed that part of life, and no matter how well I do in the rest, I worry that I'll never know what it feels like to be with someone that I actually want, if I ever become good enough to date anyone at all.

It depends on my mood.
I have at times when I would get depressed feeling like the best times of my life have long passed me by and that I already failed at life and that my current situation is how the rest of my life will be.
I'm not worth shedding tears for. Not even for myself.
I don't shed a tear over things much anymore, guess I'm all cried out on those things unless something really negative happens that knocks me down. Longing for things, I do that a lot, probably on a regular basis.
Sickos never scare me. Least they're committed.  
Never Give Up!  Never Surrender!

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17,5 days
I'm actually David Blane.
Unfortunately, I don't cry unless something really awful happens like when my mother was ill and we nearly lost her, but regarding my alone state, I usually just get pissed off quite a bit which is a destructive feeling a lot more than simple sadness.

In my younger days I used to drink that feeling off, but nowadays I have a serious job so I can't really do that so on occasions I just say fuck it and try to move on, not so easy though.
I didn't used to cry much at all, it was very rare for me to cry about anything. Now however it seems like the simplest of things make me break down, and so it seems like it's at least once a day lately. I guess I'm just so broken that thinking about most things make me cry. Sad
I don't cry I get angry.

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