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Questions for the Men
Just NEVER break up via text. That shit could get you stalked. :p
If you are going to break up then please say it...don't hide it behind a text
Sometimes I wonder about my life.

I lead a small life, well valuable but small. And sometimes I wonder. Do I do it because I like it or because I haven't been brave?

So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book when shouldn't it be the other way around?

I don't really want an answer. I just want to send this cosmic question out into the void.

So, goodnight dear void.
Naleena Wrote:How do you break up with someone?

If someone were going to break up with you, how would you want them to do it? Phone, in person, etc?

You don't need to bother with that. You just go start your new life. If you receive any objections over the new boy toy that you pick up, you just say "I'm taking the kids to Chuck E Cheese this afternoon. You can be packed and gone by the time i get back".
Antihero Wrote:
Unacceptance Wrote:
Lonesome Crow Wrote:That's trickey questions Nal.
You know you had break up sex before.
I prefer sex in person, not over the phone.....I guess that would be in person for me.

What abut break up phone sex?

Sounds anticlimactic.

"Oo baby what are you going to do to me?"

"I'm going to take my belongings and put them in a briefcase and head out the door."


"Peace. *click*"
romie Wrote:This is very funny, i could have a ball with questions lol

Where do all the intelligent and decent men (such as yourselves) actually hang out, how could a girl meet you? you certainly aint in pubs and clubs, learnt that i long time ago

Why will you make eye contact, give a little smile, then leave the location in haste without a 'hi' ?

why do you say you'll call at a specific time and never stick to it, usually leaving it at least 45 mins later, does it ake you feel good to know we've been waiting?

what should a girl wear to 'meet for a drink' for the first time?

Please note i'm not accusing any of you of this lol, but you must all have a mate who does, I await your eloquent replys x

Romie asked some good questions so thought I'd throw in my two cents. I'm speaking here for myself and my group of close buddies... we've discussed these things ourselves actually... but I don't presume to speak for all men... just the awesome ones Smile

We do hang out in pubs & clubs. And we want to talk to you. But by the time we arrive, three jerks have already tried to chat you up. So when we approach, you assume we're just like those guys... and honestly, we don't blame you. You should be cautious. You don't want to deal with a jerk and we don't want to be perceived as jerks. So we don't say anything and we both end up leaving with our honor intact, wondering "what if..."

Why do we make eye contact, smile and then leave? We make eye contact because you're pretty; we smile because you totally caught us looking and we're embarrassed, and we leave without talking because, well... see the previous paragraph. Smile

As far as the phone call goes, this is our own foible. We want to call. But we're nervous and there's a chance you've given us the "pity number" and are hoping we won't actually call. Sounds really insecure, I know, but it's happened. Several times. It sucks. So we avoid the issue. Our bad, entirely.

And as far as dress goes... we like you (we've been willing to brave the previous three pitfalls haven't we?) We want to see if we like you even more (and if you like us). So rock your own style, whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident.

So ultimately we could streamline the process if being an jerk was illegal and ideally punishable by death. Or at least wearing a big red 'J' on your chest, a la "The Scarlet Letter." Eliminate them from step one and it's all good. Barring that, though, I got nothing Smile

Hope you're all well!
ROFLMAO!!!!!!! The Scarlet J....:p I'm liking that!!!
Naleena Wrote:If someone were going to break up with you, how would you want them to do it? Phone, in person, etc?

In my experience, men are more likely to accept a rational arguement than an emotional one. For instance

"I haven't had a proper conversation with you for ages, and all you seem to care about is your stupid (whatever). I'm sick of this, I've warned you before, this time, I'm leaving"

rather than

"I just don't feel the same way anymore. I don't know what to say, it's probably hard for you to understand, but something's changed. I think I need some time for myself"

If you're the one breaking up (and I'm talking long term relationship now), you're kind of responsible for how the other person is forever going to think of that relationship. Even if you were going to go for the second 'speech', I think you'd make it a lot easier on the guy if you found something (anything) to make it sound more rational.
Thanks Logo, very informative, that's more like imagine is actually happening
Especially the first bit re jerks chatting me up

Plus it may not help that i'm generally with a big group of blokes lol
I ate every available PIE
romie Wrote:Plus it may not help that i'm generally with a big group of blokes lol

Yeah, I have to admit, I'm a pretty confident guy most of the time but there's simply no way I'm walking into a group of dudes and starting a conversation with the one lady they're hanging with. That sounds like an invitation to "take it outside" and that's just not how I roll... Big Grin

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