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I love her for more than 1 year, what should i do??
(02-16-2017, 01:22 AM)TheRealCallie Wrote: You said on New Year's Eve, you told her you really like her.  If she hasn't let you know in a few more months, you can revisit it calmly, without being pushy.  But for now, I would recommend holding off.  Let her take the reigns for a bit.
Ah yes, i said it but i didn't used the term "Love"!
Ok, without being pushy, got it! Thanks!
(02-15-2017, 10:46 PM)mytiesto Wrote: Hello everybody!
Hi Mytiesto what you have said sounds to me like you have been bitten by the love bug now the only thing you can and should do is to love her heart and soul and let her come around if it's meant to be then she will there's nothing you can do that is a magic way to make her love you either she will or won't best to spend as much time together as you both can also try to make a good impression on her parents let them see you are a good and desent person who will respect and treat good their baby they will also be hard ones to convince after all you want the heart of their baby girl so you must earn it not expect it to be given to you or think you can make it happen. as I said it will or not...good luck

I need help with one problem! I love a girl for more than one year. How do i know if it is real love? Because i can't forget her, i think about her everyday and i have the wish to share my love with her!
Once she told me that she doesn't want to be in a relationship because she isn't in the mood for it, she needs to focus on the studies. In December 2016 she told me that i am an amazing person and that she does like mea lot(not love). Every time i am with her we are together as friends and we are always alone but in public places. I don't know how to make her see us as a couple. I consider my self as a good person, not ugly, not paltry or caddish, really kind and romantic! 
Every time i try to take her out for lunch or something else she says that her parents don't let her because they don't no me!
Every time i am with her it is because her parents aren't in home. And when she is with me she is happy and i can see it, she is gorgeous and she talks a lot.

What can I do to make her see that I am a really nice guy to be in a relationship? I Really like her and i do not know what to do! I have a lot of love to share and i'm alone for a long time. 

Have a nice day People!

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