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Schoolmates making fun of me because I'm quiet and alone
Some schoolmates are making fun of me, because I'm quiet and alone (and probably I also don't look confident). Why are they making fun of me? No idea to be honest, I didn't do or say anything bad to anyone, probably I'm easy target. Beside that, they also tell others that I'm strange and socially awkward, which makes me a bit angry, they sow hate on me. I don't think I have any friends here in school, I have enemies that I hate less than others, so maybe 2-4 people that aren't 'against' me. I also don't have any other friends, brothers or sisters, no one to talk to, so yeah I'm pretty quiet all the time. I'm not really sad/angry that I don't have friends, I just hate that other people spread hate on me because I'm a little different than 'cool kids'. I don't smoke, vape or do drugs like some others, I usually don't play fancy  new games, mostly chess on phone and so on. i'm a bit skinny so I joined the gym and some people are laughinh at this too. I heard many bad things talking about me, but I'm very sure they make fun of me when I'm not near too.
Sounds like you must be in high school so being quiet and alone has a huge stigma. Also seems like you focus too much on hate and enemies. I was more of the quiet type in high school and shy, didn't do drugs, smoke, play sports, was short and skinny, got bullied but made friends. Have you made any attempt to make friends?
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Kids can be so cruel. I mostly endured high school; I had a few friends, most were more like acquaintances. People just like to make friends by finding an easy target to pick on and bond by making fun of someone together. Kinda hypocritical, but that is how it usually goes. I am just glad that it is over.
that sucks MHD I'm sorry to hear that, screw them. School can really suck and it can feel like it lasts forever but trust me it doesn't. I was really pretty lonely in high school and didn't have any friends either. But it's good that you don't do drugs and it's great that you joined a gym, work out endorphins are great. Try to focus on your academic studies and schoolwork and keep going to the gym and see if they have any group exercise classes you could join in. Try to keep busy with some good music and good books. You'll get through this eventually, till then hang in there.

Remember we're all in this together and I'm pulling for you *hugs* Smile
I agree, that really sucks. Keep your eyes on your future MHD and do well for yourself. That's the best revenge.
Be here now.
It gets better after school. You just need to focus day-to-day on making it through. School sucked bad for many people, including me. But I survived. You can too.
Thank you everyone for positive replies. Yes I'm in high school, 6 months now. Words don't really hurt me much, but if I ignore everything I look even more lonely, quiet, shy and easy to bully. I'm pretty tall, but a bit skinny and my weakness are social skills and sometimes I don't know what to say. I like the school I'm in, it's about computer science, but I hate the class and I don't know anyone except one person who was my schoolmate in primary school, but he turned agaisnt me, he is much more communicative and now he became friends with people that I call "the bad guys", bringing marijuana, knives and some drugs i don't know to school. That's why I don't want to be friend with him because I don't want any trouble. It's hard to make friends when someone makes fun of you in front of whole class and you see that even people I thought were ok to me laugh too. It kills my motivatio, I'm bothering more with social problems than with school (I don't have problems in school (grades) but I could do better with more motivation)).
Teenagers can be fickle, there is this crazy sense of hierarchy and wanting to belong and reject anything that they can't comprehend or doesn't seem to fit into what they think is "normal". When I started high school I didn't know what to do, I mostly just wanted to be left alone but that didn't happen. Kids I went to elementary school with still bullied me and so did their new friends. There was nothing done about bullying when I was in high school, that didn't start until my last year where there was more of a focus put on it. My first year I had only one friend who seemingly vanished next year. He changed a lot. I only had my brother unfortunately, you might think that's a good thing but we both got picked on and hanging around together didn't help the bullying at all it only made it worse. Got to know a couple girls who were a year older and were in the same locker bay as me, but they were off and on. They had their moods. It wasn't until my third year where I started to open up more and just be who I am and somehow started to make more friends. It took a few years but things got better and my last few years of high school were a lot of fun, sometimes filled with drama but that just comes with the territory when you're a teenager, everything is drama.

Not sure if that little story helps at all but just be who you are and don't try to change to fit in or be accepted. You don't want to be like your one friend there who has gotten mixed up with the wrong type of people. Just hang in there and hopefully things will get better for you. You could always try joining a club at school or something. If you're going to make friends you want them to be your friends because of the person you really are and not some put on to fit in somewhere.
Sickos never scare me. Least they're committed.  
Never Give Up!  Never Surrender!
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