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Everyone, I need serious help ASAP
(04-06-2017, 02:03 AM)TheRealCallie Wrote: Maybe you should consider using a different antivirus, if avast is going to give you this much trouble.  

I'm glad you found them.

It actually wasn't the antivirus what caused the problem, it was the AdwCleaner.  I have no idea why he thought it was necessary to run it, I'll have to ask him.
Other than that, the antivirus is working just fine, and I am glad to have found them too, they're a big part of my lonely life after all.  =I
Even still, most free anti-viruses don't require you to do all that every year. Might cut down on some of the hassle.
The views I express are my own opinion. More often than not, if I say "you," it is generalized and not to a person specifically.

My advice is based on my own experiences and those of my friends and family. I may not have a degree saying I read a bunch of books/passed tests, but I have been through a lot and helped others through a lot. Experience is often a better qualification than having read books/passed tests.

I speak in a blunt manner. I mean no disrespect and I'm not being rude. This is just the way I am, please do not take offense.

Take what you like and leave the rest.


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