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Friend hasn't responded to me in 1 i ghosted?
Previously with other ghosted friendships it took me months to realize that I was being dumped. I always gave people the benefit of doubt.

I feel angry and triggered to see my texts in my phone to her or pictures. Is it time to delete all?

I gave it my all for our friendship. I will never try so hard again. I realize now maybe she was my friend because she had no car and no one else.

It really hurts that no matter how much kindness or support I give to others, I'm just used and discarded.

This has become a normal thing to me now. I know I am a good person and people who are shallow, selfish and mean never seem to run out of friends.
Have you attempted to contact this friend in the last month? But, I suppose that doesn't matter to what I'm going to say, so I'll just get on with it. Just because you delete this friend, doesn't mean they deleted you, so if they want to contact you, they can, I'm sure you can figure out who it is, if they do.

Now onto that last sentence. I've seen so many people say things like that, but how do you know with certainty that you don't appear "shallow, selfish or mean" to some people? No one is perfect, no one is going to appear the same way to different people. People are going to see negative aspects of other people, doesn't matter who, someone will see something and base an opinion on it. Also, everyone treats their friends, people they like better than other people, so just because you perceive someone as being mean or selfish or shallow doesn't mean they actually are. Yes, there are people that are honestly like that out there, but not everyone you see that way is actually that way.
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Anyone that has disrespected me, mistreated me, used and discarded me...I'm going to see them as shallow, selfish and mean regardless how better they may treat others. I understand that no person is going to like everyone and that people treat their friends better. However, that is no excuse to purposely mistreat others. 

I've tolerated a lot of hurt from people and part of it was trying to "see the good" in them and blaming myself...that maybe I caused it or deserved to be hurt.

No more...I'm not going to tolerate it anymore. As the saying goes, with friends like these, who needs enemies.
Has this person not responded to multiple messages of yours before this last month of silence on both sides? I'm just asking for clarification. There's not a lot you can do about either way, so you might as well put an end to it. How useful it is to delete everything is up to you, it can have some cleansing quality but you'll still be plagued by your own memories.

Try not to become resentful. Maybe you did put too much into this friendship, maybe you didn't. Go back to the start and ask yourself what you wanted out of this interaction and if that person ever showed even a trace of what are looking for in other people. Perhaps you were too altruistic and naive and it was going to be an unequal exchange from the beginning. Perhaps not. I can't answer these questions for you.
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Those who take time long enough to reply are connected to other lust network.
Those who don't give a shit are👯
If you feel pressure then flush her/him out from your head.
"Friends" are typically abusive. I have none. Lol
Deleted everything about her.

I'm feeling bad at the moment because I unexpectedly came over some posts of her being very active with new friends.

I was so kind to her...I just kept giving and giving...being kind as possible...and now I'm just thrown anyway like garbage.
It's painful and it sucks. Frankly i just dont have the energy any more to keep trying.
Sometimes it is better to just move on so that you aren't reminded of the bad memories and that you aren't exposed to more neglect, which may cause you to do something you regret. I have had to do the same thing with many, many friends and I can definitely relate.
1 month is more than enough time. I've been so nice to people on the past but they reject me, ignore me or decline my friend requests. So yes, I understand. I haven't had a friend since way back as a little 13 year old and don't feel like it is going to change soon. Make friends with yourself. Sit and watch a funny movie or TV show, get a pet, make imaginary friends.
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