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How can I sync my ipod to a new computer?
Hey so I got a new laptop since the last one didn't have enough memory on it, and I want to sync my ipod to my itunes library since I got a few new CDs. And I already uploaded my old itunes library via an external hard drive so I don't have to worry about loosing music if I sync it.

So I have itunes open and with my ipod connected and I click on the ipod icon, and at the bottom it has the buttion to sync but when I click on it, it makes a kind of ding dong noise and nothing happens.  I want to sync my ipod up with my new computer so I can get my new music on it, but it won't seem to sync , do I need to restore my ipod?

Any help would be greatly appreciated please


ok now I got it syncing , but it says it's only syncin x/ 784 songs when I have way more than 784 songs, oh no.
Actually I think, It all synched up. Cool I hope that's the case.

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