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Positive progress and changes
I think there is bit of parts im missing. Im used to starting the approach and meeting well , then in the middle of the proccess with some people there is more to talk and progress towards what i want , while with others conversation just dies and no friendship no nothing....
The guy photograper i meet was talking but his girlfriend came back and he even don't want to have me with them in the company. It's not that im bad company , i have great sense of humour , i have goals as i speak many times with him but yeah there is a difference in social status and the dude doesn't want to include me in their social circles. So i decided to move on and be with my best friend now. At least he's understanding and not judgemental.. I wonder if i EVER will got what i wish with friends and social circles? Is it THAT so much hard or im just overcomplicating things? LOL ...

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