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Places you go to feel better
I sit in the garden and listen to the birds while doing wordsearch puzzles, or if it's open I got to the pub and sit outside with a coke, I used to just get in the car and go anywhere nowhere. In my youth I sat in the cemetery wrote poems and took in the view (it overlooked the sea and land)
I like to go for long walks in the field and hills I have behind my house. Visit the pond and such
books, games & movies help me to escape from reality for a while. the problem is always having to come back.
"The most violent weapon on Earth is the table fork." - Mahatma Gandhi

I goto many places. Playing guitar imagining I'm on stage.
Borderlands game. Or any game I'm currently into.
Binging some TV Show. I get fully immersed and the outside world disappears for a while.
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