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I feel like I'm losing my mind
I'm constantly in a state of anxiety and stress from all the difficulties at work. I have absolutely no one to lean on or reach out to. I have no type of social life or any type of outlet for these feelings. I'm so fucking miserable and don't need know how to change it.
Sounds like it's time to look for a new job.

If you can get out & spend some good time in nature then do so, it's very good for bringing feelings of wellbeing.
If it was only that easy getting another job. I'm pretty much stuck and need the money. So I can't just walk away. Coping with the stress and addition to a near constant loneliness is soul-crushing.
You haven't really said much about your situation so it's difficult to know what advice to offer.
My situation is that I work with very petty and unprofessional supervisors/co-workers. My supervisor is having difficulty gaining any type of respect from the workers in my area so she in turns takes the frustration on me. By being petty about any and everything she's even attempted to undermine her supervisor as a way to just make things difficult for me. When in reality I just want to come in for 8 hrs do my job and go home. I could care less about personal conflicts I just want things to run smoothly. But my supervisor as a way to exert authority will come to me and try to make my work environment difficult because I'm the easy target. Plus I'm already working with some unprofessional co-workers so it's a total shitshow.
Sounds like workplace bullying gone out of control. Might be worth checking to see if there are any job clubs in your area so that you have access to support if you decide that you have to change jobs.

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