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Dating as a virgin - and everyone seems sex obsessed?
(03-05-2019, 04:33 PM)ardour Wrote:
(03-05-2019, 11:24 AM)Enpatsu No Shakugan Wrote: I firmly will state again: anyone you date who would judge you based on being a virgin isn't worth your time.


You talk as if virgin men have tons of options and can just wait until they find  someone who won't care. Even if a lot of women wouldn't feel disgust for a virgin and outright reject a man over this, they're likely be more hesitant and it doesn't really need explaining as to why.

A certain level of enthusiasm from both parties is required to get the ball rolling.  Virginity/no experience is just one of those things that's likely to tip the balance against that hapenning.

I talk that way because it's true. You project your bitterness and bias into this because you've already made up your mind and closed it off, just like every other incel.
Too far gone.
I'm sorry you feel this way, because nothing is ever going to change for you as you are now.
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