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The bar being set so high these days
Well, I'm 5'3" and for a guy, particularly in western society, that's a massive hurdle (excuse the pun)... think tall, dark, handsome.. Exactly.

I could choose to let this become something impossible to get over (yep, another pun) or, as others say, work with what I've got.
I choose the latter.

As people have said before, stick to the positives, look after yourself, educate yourself, show your positives. Easily said I know, especially if you're naturally shy (like moi).

I've been out with relatively tall girls (think 5'11 in heels), and girls of the same height or close. Ironically it's the shorter girls who seem more averse to my vertical prowess.

Getting back to the main point though. I agree society is selling everyone the ideal as though it's the norm. This is unhealthy and is creating a situation where everyone is looking for perfection, it doesn't exist! The result is a lot of single people. Sad stuff.
There was a guy I used to have a huge crush on. He was chubby, average looking and had no job lol. I loved his sarcastic sense of humor and he was really smart and quick with his comebacks. He loved to read almost more than I did and we had a lot of things in common. I also loved his curly hair, and he was cute in glasses. Everyone has different tastes. Not everyone likes the same type of people. I went to school with a girl who would ONLY date older men, and another who liked younger guys. I have always had a thing for nerdy guys, different strokes different folks.
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Must be nice to have the ability to be picky over such things.
(10-04-2017, 07:51 AM)ardour Wrote: Must be nice to have the ability to be picky over such things.

I wouldn't say that I am picky, pretty much everyone in the world has a type or preference. I have listened to men talk about what size breasts they prefer and how fat is too fat etc and some of them talked about how nasty the women looked naked they slept with. I was the only girl in a huge group of guys growing up so I heard that shit all the time at home and at school. But both sexes do it and main stream media sets the bar high for both sexes. I don't have a lot of experience with dating though since I last dated someone when I was 14 and it was only for a like a week. I have always had a thing for curly hair and glasses though Toungue
I like nerdy guys because I am nerdy myself and that means we have a lot in common.
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Those men are arseholes.

I can't really relate to the idea of having a 'type'. Obviously we'd have to have things in common, they'd have to be some attraction, etc., but I can't think of anything more specific.
(10-04-2017, 08:54 AM)ardour Wrote: Those men are arseholes.

I can't really relate to the idea of having a 'type'. Obviously we'd have to have things in common and enjoy the others  company, and they'd have to be some attraction, but I can't think of anything more specific.

Women can be assholes too.

I am the same I don't really care much about looks more than I care about having things in common. By type I mean what people find most attractive in a person for example: some people like blondes, some like scrawny people, some like dainty feminine girls, some like pretty boys, short girls, etc. Things you find in a person and that draws you to them.  I have things that draw me but none of them are set in stone and have to be a definite thing. 
 I always developed crushes on nerdy guys when I was younger. By nerdy I don't really mean looks much as I do hobbies. I always did have different tastes than my friends. I thought guys in glasses were cute and I like curly hair or well one guys curly hair, it might not be a curly hair thing more as it was something I liked about that particular person, I used to pretend to like the same guys they did to fit in because I didn't make friends easily.

Honestly I don't often get romantically attracted to people. It has happened twice in my life, I have only been able to find someone romantically appealing after becoming friends with them and spending time with them. I have never felt attraction for a stranger. I am weird that way. But the reason I said something about people liking different things was because the op was worried about his looks and his age.  What some people don't find attractive others will, the guy I liked didn't have a job, wasn't physically fit or movie star good looking but I liked him anyway. A lot.
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