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Is there any chance to live without love ?
(07-19-2017, 11:31 PM)Richard_39 Wrote: ...but what about eating?
Eating ? Well i didn't broke up with it .lol

(07-20-2017, 06:41 AM)HappyBread Wrote: Well personally, I have experienced the pain of losing a lover whom I truly loved.

Quote:I can say there was a day when I used to be loved by someone,and when you habitat or dependent on that ,it'll be hard to live without that.but now I am trying to figure it out how to live without that.I have been thinking about that love is true ,this is only a thing you can live i know it's not ,but I am struggling to finding any way to escaping from all of this shit.

My guess here is you're experiencing the loss of a lover in your life as well. Am I right?
For now, I'm going to assume that and share a little story of my own. Hopefully it helps :-)

A few years ago, I was experiencing whatever you're experiencing right now. Wondering if the idea of "True Love" does exist or not. What led me to question it? My girlfriend / fiancée whom I've known for 6 years decided it's best that we end our relationship. Why? Because "I lost my feelings for you".

That's it lol. She lost her feelings for me. I was EXTREMELY upset back then. Seriously, I gave her everything she ever wanted, I protected her from harm, guided her to safety when we were lost, listened to her issues, gave her advices when she needed them- Literally, I did everything and anything a good bf would and I especially sacrificed a lot in my life, making choices for her as well. Hell- my friends would give me a medal for being one of the best bf in the world just because I love her so dearly, even more than myself lol and she wanted to break up with me? Wow, talk about investment gone wrong huh? LOL.

Because of all that, I questioned the love that we shared. How is it possible if true romantic love exist, that this could happen? I know I would never leave her no matter what because one day, after a bad fight that we had, I told myself that no matter how bad things get, I will never abandon her.

How is it that when I can be so devoted to her, she can just decide to leave me? Love is BS, I thought. It doesn't exist. Screw the idea of love- It's just something people make up to earn money with made up days like Valentine's day or even just "dates" itself.

Does this sound like you? You're probably asking the topic's question because you're experiencing something similar, right?

What I eventually learned was that "Love" works very differently amongst different people. To quote a few:
Love, to some, it's about being there for each other while to others, it's about certain display of affection and giving into requests/ demands.

Can we live without love? That will depend on what the idea of "Love" means to you.

For me, when we talk about "True Love", it's about romantic love between a myself and my sweetheart. I think, it is possible to live life without romantic love but it will sure be less fulfilling as you will miss out on experiencing life with a special friend :-)

If you are referring to the idea of platonic love? Then my answer is- we NEED them!
No matter how bad things get in life, one of the key elements that we require to live and even function right is support. There were studies done in the topic of lifestyle with / without friends amongst different individuals and as expected, people with friends exhibits MUCH higher level of life enrichment and happiness.

Their view in life is very different as well. People with friends tend to be more optimistic, believing that things will somehow get better as long as they have support while those who have little to no friends tend to see the world as being against them and are constantly setting things up for them to fail.

So to sum it up, my personal opinion:
Platonic Love = Necessity
Romantic Love = Optional

Truth is, we have the option to choose whether or not we want to believe that "True (Romantic) Love" exists. I choose to believe in it just because it'd be so much more fun to than not to Toungue

If you can find a partner who believes in that as well? Boooooom light them fireworks up cause we're about to see a couple embark on a new adventure together ;-)

Hope this helped somehow and definitely hope that you are feeling better. Please feel free to chat with me via pm if you want to as well! I'd be more than happy to make a new friend and if you want to, we can share our stories in private too cause there's definitely more to our tales :-)

Thank you H.B
I am sorry .
Now I know , I am not only who facing all of this sh**.
I can say we have similar problems .
I am totally fine , and glad to have you as a good friend.Smile
(07-21-2017, 12:17 PM)pinocio Wrote:
(07-19-2017, 11:31 PM)Richard_39 Wrote: ...but what about eating?
Eating ? Well i didn't broke up with it .lol

Do you screen these ppl?
(07-21-2017, 12:17 PM)pinocio Wrote: Thank you H.B
I am sorry .
Now I know ,  I am not only who facing all of this sh**.
I can say we have similar problems .
I am totally fine , and glad to have you as a good  friend.Smile

Glad to have been of help :3
I'm gonna float away now~
Just happily floating by with my sweet bread smell :3
I really hope so! Ehehe

Actually I think that we should distinguish from the kind of love that exisist between a couple and a more general way of loving people and caring for others. 
Said that, I Humbly think that we can live without a parter, so without that sort of romantic love, but I'm inclined to think that we can't (happily) live without the second, that is without any bond with people (friends, family, etc.).

There are plenty of studies that underline the importance of reletionship for a good living. One prestty famous is this one:

Ps: yeah, sorry, I know isn't sweet to tell this in a forum of lonely people
Here I am, going through life without romantic love. For a long time I didn't even look for it, stupidly thinking at the right time it would just happen. I didn't experience the emotional rollercoaster that love can put you through but I was feeling numb and lonely. So in the past year I started actively looking and I just got burned. Met this guy I had amazing chemistry with, started dating him and got my hopes up only to have him break up with me to get back together with an ex. I really wish I was more like him, who doesn't get attached so he easily moves from one woman to the next. Unfortunately when I fall I fall deep, so it's going to take a long time before I recover and it happens again. Sometimes I wish I had never met him, but while we were together I finally felt really alive and I crave that feeling again. That's why despite the very low odds of success, once I start feeling better I'm going to try again to find love. Once you get that feeling it's quite addictive. Maybe I was better off when I was numb and didn't know what I was missing.
If he came back with the Ex then is not one of the non-attached ones. Just as weak as the next emotionally starved simpleton.
I'm actually David Blane.
(06-19-2017, 10:35 AM)evanescencefan912 Wrote: Regarding romantic love, yep I've been living 26 years straight without it.  Just fill it with hobbies, exercise, video games and internet.
Same but 25. Its so depressing though.
Life without love?

Well, if you mean relationship, life shows it is possible to live, because some people live like that. Life could be better as the saying goes, but you are not on the verge of dying either.

If you mean love as feeling or condition about life, then well - with love feeling obviously you see world in a brighter light, without love people live in somewhat darkness. But still live.

Personally I would say life would be harder without a job - or more specifically income. Every day you would need to worry, how to survive or actually eat. Then again some people like that too and somehow manage it... I don't envy though.
I really resonate with this, I feel the same way and it is what keeps me going.

(06-22-2017, 06:05 AM)mattsmom Wrote: Really if we were living without ANY kind of love we would all be dead right now.  There is unconditional love (the sun rising, shining its rays down that make life on Earth possible, the rain, and getting out there and enjoying that energy, the air that we breathe in nourishing us)....this is all part of that universally available LOVE that we all can have, harness and possess.

In fact, those of us who choose to focus on this unconditional, universally available LOVE, and focus in on that have less to lose by foregoing human relationships.

It helps me although there is also something wired in me to desire human contact and I wish I could cut that cord completely because that is what continues to get me into situations where I am used, abused and never want to deal with another human being, ever again......

I agree ^

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