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Going to be gone for a while...
Tried to gather my thoughts so I could find something smart to say to you. Don’t think I have managed to find anything. 
Anyways, I’m sorry this is happening to you. Life... sucks. 
Hugs usually makes me feel better and I’m sure lots on ALL want to give you one as well. 
So here goes:

(12-12-2018, 10:39 PM)Sci-Fi Wrote: Oh wow yes I bet your place still stinks of cigarette smoke that stink does not just vanish the moment you quit and certainly not a month after.  That stink stays, it gets into and clings to everything.  You just don't notice it yet because you haven't quit for that long.  I lived in an apartment that was a non smoking apartment and there were people who smoked, and yes I complained about it.  I should have complained more.  I could smell the cigarette smoke in my freaking bathroom which had no windows.  The only way that disgusting smell could get in would be through the ventilation system.  Even if you moved out your landlord would have to replace any carpeting, drapes, heck even a fresh coat of paint won't get rid of the smell.  It IS in your walls, it will be in everything that can absorb smells.  Obviously you have no idea how horrible stank cigarette smell is and how badly it can permeate nearly everything.  I've been behind idiots who smoke will driving and think that with their window down it won't funk up their car.  WRONG!  And you can smell it, or the morons who toss their lit burning cigarette out the window and you drive over it, you can smell it.  Sorry if that insults anyone who smokes while driving but that is a form of distracted driving, I've known people who dropped their lit cigarette while driving and nearly or caused an accident.  Anything that makes you take your hands off the wheel or diverts your attention while driving is bad.  

Once you've been a non smoker for much longer than a month you will understand where your landlord and everyone else is coming from.  My grandmother was a long time smoker and after she gave it up she felt horrible for smoking around other people, same with my current boss who quit fourteen years ago.  He realizes how horrible it was for other people.  It is disgusting, it does stick to everything and it is not something that just disappears right away.  It takes a long time and a lot of effort to truly get rid of that rank stink.  

As for those other smokers, say something!  And in my experience the only thing worse than cigarette smoke is cigar smoke.  That is vomit inducing.

Hi Sci, I just wanted to say, because I've re-read this a few times, that I feel I was kind of real douchy in my reply to you. I do that sometimes, be insensitive and overly intense about something. Your post made real sense and I criticized way to gingerly, I'm sorry man and I hope you won't hold it against me. You're a good dude.

Just to add on the topic though, which is how I'm staring at my life being flushed down the toilet, its likely I wont be allowed unemployment. I dont know. I can contest, but even if they would deem it right, it would still probably take too long until I receive enough money to keep my appartment or pay the bills. Much less pay child support. So...this may be the end of the ride. Might have to leave everything, move back with my folks and stay on welfare until I get a decent job opportunity. If it comes. So yeah. I've been having panic attacks again, especially in the morning. I may have to go see the doc for it. And try to find the strenght to start applying jobs again. Brginning next week probably, because of course most everything is closed today. Im starting to really feel this planet doesnt want me on it. The worst part is I'm starting to agree with it.
You hang in there. I'm pulling for you.
So some shit has to change, who's to say it won't be better than it was before? When one door closes....
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I get the feeling that when one door closes you get another one slammed right in your face. 😉
(01-04-2019, 01:46 AM)Jessicat Wrote: I get the feeling that when one door closes you get another one slammed right in your face. 😉

Likewise. As if I didnt have a big enough nose already. Give me a fjord, an isolated house in the snow and enough money to live passably well, I'll die a happy man.
Or maybe you're just ignoring the opportunities because you're stuck in negativity. It's easier to focus on bad shit. Takes less effort, makes you the victim, etc etc.
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[Image: Quotefancy-19173-3840x2160.jpg?resize=1165%2C655&ssl=1]
Stuck in negativity. Hmm. 
I do think a lot of problems can be fixed with an attitude change. However, not every problem has this solution. Some of us seems to have this sign on our back, telling life to fuck us over. 
I can only speak for myself but I truly don’t think that I’m stuck in my shit because I’m being negative, I think it has more to do with the reality of my life. Got to be more out there that feels that way too. If the problems of life were that easy to fix we all would be in a better place. ❤️

Oh, and btw
I have 2 of 3 for you. Fjord and isolated house, harder with the money tho. 😉
I am verygrieved to read of this, ai am so sorry this has happened to your family. I hope your daughter is well and things get better for all of you. Its good you are looking out for your family and take care what happen, I hope everything becomes better for you. Hearts can only take so much, dont worry you are a strong person.

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